Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Water Removal in Columbus is No Easy Task

A flood can cause substantial damage, but a professional
team can restore your home to pre-damage condition. 

When flooding of any type happens in your home or office, you need professional technicians who know the standard IICRC procedures that can quickly get things back to normal for you. There are many steps involved, and each one is crucial. Incomplete or incorrect implementation of procedures or use of equipment can allow future problems to occur. Professionals who are trained and experienced can prevent more damage from being created.

Water Removal Should Not be Considered a DIY Project 

When your Columbus home, business, or office needs water removal services, SERVPRO has qualified and trained professionals with extensive experience who can provide the level of quality service that can make it “Like it never even happened.” We first assess the type of water – flood, back-up, or clean water from busted or fast leaking pipes – and begin extracting the water. Typically this is with a heavy duty pumping system that contains the water in one of our tanks, keeping your yard and other outside areas clean.

While the humidity levels can rise during the drying process, this is only temporary. We use fans and other devices to remove the moisture in the air, as well as other fine particles that can cause future problems. These are procedures that most homeowners are not able to do themselves because the equipment used to do this is commercial grade and in addition to not typically available to the consumer, these types of equipment require specialized training in IICRC procedures to be used successfully. Our professional technicians have both the equipment and the certification needed to use them correctly.

A Few Other Things You Should Know About Water Removal 

Water damage affects your homes structure as
well as your personal belongings
Water removal is the first step in getting things back to normal for your home or office. Flooding can also occur in businesses. SERVPRO offers services designed with flood victims in mind. We understand the problems that floods, even small ones, can create, even if you do not yet. We can guide you by explaining hidden and unknown challenges and situations specific to your building type or situation that may not be apparent to you at that time, but can soon be. This guidance can help prevent further unnecessary damage and irritating headaches for you.

After removing the water, we need to dry your possessions. If the water was dirty, as in flood water or back-up from a sewer, cleaning could also involve disposing of different items that cannot be cleaned to a high enough level of safety. These items often include food and medicines. We recommend taking photos of any disposed items for insurance purposes. Sometimes, this is also true of water that began as clean, but then became contaminated one way or another before removal.

Our technicians begin drying your home and the furnishings and interior structures after taking initial readings with devices that show the humidity levels of interior surfaces. Heat and air circulation equipment quickly dry even internal areas of walls, upholstered furniture, as well as flooring structures below the visible carpet. If carpeting was allowed to sit in standing water for extended periods of time, it may not be salvageable and need to be removed and replaced. However, our goal at SERVPRO is to help you by restoring as much as possible, to keep replacement costs to a minimum. We also offer services to pack your merchandise or personal possessions so that they do not sustain further damaged by increased humidity levels. Packed items are taken to an off-site location. Additional restorative cleaning may also be completed at this site if needed.

Please call us for your clean-up and restoration needs at SERVPRO of South Columbus at (614) 863-1392. We have the fastest response times, and we are available 24/7 to take your call. When you have a flood emergency, water removal needs to begin as soon as possible to reduce the amount of damage experienced.

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